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What SIM Card?

I received my iPhone 6s today and in the bag there was 2 sim cards, a blue one and an orange one. what one do I use?



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Telstra (Retired)

Re: What SIM Card?


Awesome to hear you get the new phone, how is it? Apart from the SIM thing anyway?


In the package there should have been a piece of paper itemising everything that you received, including the SIM cards. It should match the serial number on the SIM with the service number the SIM is for. Use whichever one matches your number.

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Re: What SIM Card?

I have received too.

one for your new device and the other one for your free data share sim even you didn't aplly data share.

just select one for your phone and ger registered and contact telstra to activate for free data share for additional device.^^

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