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Whatsapp connection

Hi There,

I can't get Whatsapp on my phone on the 4G network but it works fine at home on my Wifi. What's the problem?

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Re: Whatsapp connection

are you using android 8 oreo and have you checked app permissions?
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Someone asked to check your ping but dont know how
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Re: Whatsapp connection

Thank you cretsiah. I am using iphone SE. It worked fine until a week ago. Whatsapp permission are all in order.
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Hi everyone,

My problem is that I cannot access Whatsapp on the Telstra 4G network – only on wifi at home or wifi hotspots.



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Re: whatsapp

Check your data settings and make sure that you have it so that it is allowed to use Mobile data. It may be set to use wifi only (check both in the app and in your phone's mobile data settings).
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Re: Whatsapp connection


You can check that Whatsapp is able to use Mobile Data in Settings > Mobile - and scroll down to Mobile Data (older versions of iOS will show this as Use Mobile Data For:). Check that the switch next to Whatsapp is turned on.


Failing that, have you attempted to remove the App, restart your phone, and then re-install the App?

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