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Why Postpaid over Prepaid Mobile?

I have an iPhone 11 and only pay $40 per month for all my calls and txts 3Gb + 3Gb rollover. 


Recharging is a pain and I can get status points if I pre pay. 

My question is “Why would anyone switch to post paid when you pay so much extra for the “small” plan, which granted provided a sh!t tonne of download which you can share, (I’d share with my carer/mother (I’m disabled) whose car doesn’t have satnav.) but from what I can see, the plan doesn’t allow for sharing calls and texts. 

We have a huge home download allowance so only need enough for my elderly mother’s Facebook and emails, plus I estimate my 5Gb per month. 

id like to stay with Telstra for mobile to keep things simple


Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Why Postpaid over Prepaid Mobile?

You can't share calls and texts as they are unlimited on all Telstra Upfront Mobile Plans.


To share data between services, they have to be attached to your account.


There is a Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan XS, which is $45 per month but only has 2GB data (which can be shared). You would have to ask a Telstra consultant to see if you are eligible.

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Re: Why Postpaid over Prepaid Mobile?

You could also consider the 

$30/month Value Mobile Offer

Have a valid Health Care Card? You may be eligible for our $30/month Value Mobile Offer, which is our $45 Extra Small Mobile Plan with a monthly recurring $15 credit.

Value Mobile Offer

2GB of data/month

$30 Month to month

Was $45


Read about it at the webpage


Note: the  does not mention data sharing.

You could probably set up Direct Debit for payment.

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With direct debit there’s no need to give paying your bill another thought.

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