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WiFi Calling



I live in an area of Sydney (2159) with terrible Telstra mobile coverage (1 or 2 bars at best).


Having recently looked at buying an Apple Watch I was introduced to the voice over wifi call option which is a perfect (interim) solution to the problem.


Unfortunately this option is not currently available on my iPhone 6. Having done some research online I understand that this is a carrier setting and is available on all iphone 5S models and upwards elsewhere in the world.


I've spoken to a couple of Telstra Helpdesk people who have no idea whether or not Telstra will be expanding their coverage to earlier models.


Does anyone know if they will expand this service in the near (6 month) future? 


Many thanks!

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: WiFi Calling


Current compatible devices are listed on our website and as we add compatibility, we'll update this list also.

There is no current word on specific time frames that certain handsets will receive compatibility.


- Matt

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Re: WiFi Calling

Thanks for getting back to me Matt but that contradicts what I have now been told by 6 seperate Telstra consultants. Consensus from them is that Telstra supports iPhones from 6s upwards (which is surprising since elsewhere in the world it's 5s and upwards). Having purchased an iPhone 7 based on this advice I'm now hoping you're not correct that it's restricted to Samsung Galaxy only!


My odyssey to have this enabled started two weeks ago now and, except for a brief glimmer of hope on Wednesday, still seems lost at sea!


The most proficient sounding technical support consultant (Wednesday) suggested that it was an account setting and that having achecked this the service would be active within 24-48hrs. Unsurprisingly (in this case) 48 hrs passed and still no change in phone settings so another (6th) call to Telstra technical support. Two consultants later I'm told that the service is already active on my account (and that there is no check-box in the account settings so the previous consultant must have been wrong?) so it must be a hardware issue (with both the 24hr old iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S).


I realise that WiFi calling is a new service for Telstra but it would be worth someone looking in to the roll-out project and getting the ducks in a row since the customer expereience is pretty poor so far. "Coming soon" would be far better messaging than the various others being given out. The only consistent theme is that no-one seems to kn ow much about the service which is surprising and disappointing.

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