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Wrong Phone Delivered

Hi All,

ordered a new iPhone 12 pro max as gift, delivery set for 23/12/20


i get package and it has wrong phone.

No support phone # so been on chat via my silver membership... and promised they will send a parcel to return it

Nothing received, no tracking numbers. So I message again. They have no idea there is error with delivery.

I have already been billed for the new phone... 


come on telstra. This is so so simple.


anyone know how to escalate this?

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Re: Wrong Phone Delivered

Same thing happened to me. Wrong phone delivered and serial / IMEI number on dispatch slip in delivery box didn’t match the phone. Dispatch note was correct, phone wasn’t. Online left note on my account for local store and had them hold last phone I should have got. My order / contract had to be cancelled / redone, big charge for wrong phone, then credit for that. Major mess and the store manager didn’t know how it could even happen (like you no record of error). I would ring your local store if you have one, explain to them what happened. I spent a month trying to get my phone sorted online and store manager had online’s mess sorted in less than 30 mins. 

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