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You have a new MMS Picture or Video Message

Please help, I started getting sms messages advising ‘you have a new mms picture or video message from Telstra asking to login to view the photo’ when a friend (US based) sends photos to me directly. However in a group chat (iPhone) via imessage, when the photo is sent I can see it and dont get the sms advising ‘you have a new mms picture or video message’ from Telstra. The funny thing is that I ported away from Telstra late last year (2020) so I am confused as to why I am getting this from Telstra and not Optus? I have gone through all my settings and mms messages is enabled, data roaming is enabled etc, send / receive as a sms when iMessage is unavailable is enabled. I have tried resetting the network settings on the phone and that hasn’t helped. Has Telstra not released the number correctly or is there a setting from Telstra’s end that is overriding the delivery of the photo.... PLEASE help !!!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: You have a new MMS Picture or Video Message

Have you checked the APN to make sure it is using the Optus one?


You may need to contact Optus and ask them to check with the Telstra porting team to make sure that the numbers database redirection record is correct.

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