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No Shipped notification for Accessory

Did an order on 21/03/2020 for a pair of Airpods through the Telstra Rewards (part points part payment) and I got my order confirmation the same hour and that is the last I heard. I live in Brisbane city so metro area so 1-2 shipping time is what they quote though I would not have cared if it took longer but zero communication is getting a bit annoying. 


Been trying to talk to someone via phones but had to give on 2 separate occasions after waiting 2 hours with no answer. 


Is there any other way to get a confirmation the item will ship or way I can cancel this as I can't seem to connect with anything at Telstra to resolve the issue via phone or complaint submitted. 


Even if they just said; no orders are shipping then I would know to go elsewhere at least.

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Re: No Shipped notification for Accessory

I am in the same situation 

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Re: No Shipped notification for Accessory

Same here. I just got a generic response- your order is processing through our system, we’ll email you when it progress any further. Month later heard nothing, one Telstra employee says I order doesn’t exist meh! Considering I’ve partly paid for it up front, I expect it to be solved by now. 

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