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Apple Music 12 month free not working



I'm having serious problems trying to get the 12 month free Apple Music via Telstra working. I keep getting back to the Join / 3 month free trial screen with the fine print  "Joined through Telstra" at the bottom.  I've talked to Apple who say it's a Telstra problem.  My apple login and Telstra account seem to have not been linked because I never see Apple music enabled through iTunes.  


My apple account is also used on my wife's phone on Boost prepaid, I tried disabling it for imessage and Facetime and connecting Apple music again on my phone, but still it won't stick.  


Even when I am seemingly able to use Apple Music after clicking Joined through Telstra it works sporadically, playing maybe 1/5th of a playlist, as if it's only playing songs I own.  I also use iCloud music but that should not be an issue.


Apple music seems to have a lot of potential but so far it's been a very frustrating few days.





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Re: Apple Music 12 month free not working

I should also add that I've talked to Apple Support who say no Apple Music subscription is showing on my account and that I should resolve the problem with Telstra...

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Re: Apple Music 12 month free not working

So last night I managed to get this working,

signed out of the music app,

cleared all music on the phone through Settings, General, Storage

force closed the music app

turned off wifi

clicked the link in the SMS from Telstra

signed into Music

finally got the screen asking to authorise the linking of the apple ID and Telstra.

Apple Music now working across devices and iTunes


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