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Apple Music membership with Telstra

I started a new plan with my iPhone 7 that includes 12 month Apple Music access as an add on. I have selected the 'Get Apple Music' add on from the My Account web page and also attempted from the Telstra 24x7 app, receiving a text message in both instances that states, "We are currently processing your Apple Music request. We will send an SMS once it's ready". However after two weeks of waiting I never received a follow up SMS. Furthermore if I go to the Music app on the iPhone there is an option in the Apple Music screen 'Joined through Telstra'; when I press that it goes to a loading window with a spinning wheel and says "Verifying your membership", then after a moment a dialog box appears "You don't have an Apple Music membership with Telstra". Every time I return to the add ons view of my account I can attempt to select the Apple Music offer and get the same SMS. I have made multiple attempts to resolve the problem through the live chat, including being sent a link to itunes.apple.com/carrier which opens the same verifcation screen that fails in the Music app. According to the Telstra support my Apple Music membership is activated and I have been told there is no problem... except that I can't actually use it. I have also tried calling support but they were completely useless, also telling me that it is active and suggesting I download a different Music app - clearly having no idea about Apple Music.


Any advice appreciated. 

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Apple Music membership with Telstra

Hi Shanos

We'd recommend having a chat with our Live Chat team here, using the Mobile Phone fault option  http://tel.st/49kl and ask them to remove, then re-add the Apple Music service to your account. 

This will usually correct any misalignment in the system/s that are preventing you from using the service.

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