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Apple Music subscription with family account



I have an individual membership to Apple Music via Telstra that is data free streaming. I wish to upgrade to a family plan. As there is no option to do this via Telstra, I'd therefore need to do this via iTunes. 


My question is if I do this, after upgrading to family plan via Apple, would streaming music via Apple music on my existing plan (same as I do now) still be data free for me, or does the fact that I have gone for a sign up via Apple negate the data free offer?


I know the other non telstra members of the family are not included in this data free streaming, I'm asking for me specifically. 


On contacting Telstra, they advised I need to contact Apple to confirm this. I have since DM'd Apple support and their response is below


"We'd love to help and the last thing we want to do is bounce you back and forth between us and your provider. We can give you all of the info on how Family Sharing works and advise on cost for the plan. However, when it comes to how data is treated under the terms of your plan, it's a question only the provider can answer."


I have read the above back to Telstra, and have asked them to follow up again. I am yet to get an answer. Any assistance would be appreciated. 






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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Apple Music subscription with family account

Hi carlmac9000, 


Very sorry to hear of the run around that you have experienced. 


Regardless if your Apple Music subscription is paid or on the free initial trial period, the data will be unmetered when streaming from a Telstra Mobile service. 

So for example if your trial period ended and you continued to use Apple Music and were charged for the subscription, the data streaming would still be unmetered. 

This doesn't change. 


Hope this helps Smiley Happy 


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