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No Apple Music in Add-on List

I have checked on my 24/7 account on the website, the 24/7 app, all our services, not one is showing that Apple Music can be added, like it's not there on the add-on list at all. Seriously why is it this hard to just get some music happening. I got new iPhone 11's when they came out, no free trial no anything... fine... but why the hell can't I even pay for it? 


The single Apple Music webpage you have is hopeless, chat is down as you don't have enough staff, can't sit there on hold for the 1.5 hours I was waiting for before and never got through. I know the world is crazy right now but surely helping someone get a little music in their lives can't be a bad thing.......HELP!

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Re: No Apple Music in Add-on List

Same issue here

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Re: No Apple Music in Add-on List

I had the same issue when I got my new phone. I went to Telstra the next day, and my local manager told me that Telstra has lost their contract with Apple Music and are no longer able to add it to your bill. It now has to be paid through Apple. 

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