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Accessory Repayment Option

My wife recently bought a phone on a plan at a Telstra store. The consultant "gave" her a number of accessories.  It was only later when looking at the Telstra bill we realised we were actually paying $360 for the items she received.  No mention of that from the consultant.  When we wnet back to sort out the misunderstanding, his two comments were:  "Did I ever say to you that they are free?", and "It was in the contract you signed".  Nice way to do business Telstra!

I have lodged a complaint with Telstra.

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Re: Accessory Repayment Option

That's appalling to read. Several of those episodes were reported here in 2019 and fewer in 2020.

If your complaint fails, you can consider the T.I.O. as a last resort.

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Re: Accessory Repayment Option

Thanks ProfessorPhone -yes it is appalling.  Also sad to hear that this has been going on for some time.

I am hopeful Telstra will come to the party and that the ombudsman is only a final resort.

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Re: Accessory Repayment Option

This happened to me recently as well. I purchased a new phone plan and the guy brought out some accessories saying it was part of the package. I didn't even really need them but as they were offered for free I accepted them and promptly gave them away to a friend. I then discovered a monthly $20 Accessory Repayment Option and I can't believe the deception. I distinctly remember the salesperson saying it was part of the package. Telstra urgently need to retrain their staff. I'll be going back into the store tomorrow to speak with them directly, plus it's virtually impossible to get through to someone on the phone or get help online. Very unimpressed!

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