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Any way to get a simple, single document summarising charges for FY taxes?

I imagine that I'm not alone in having to pull together all my account statements for the tax year for my business. I know that Telstra does email monthly statements, but does anyone know if Telstra offers small business owners an automatic, end of financial year document to use for tax submissions. Currently I have to download each monthly statement, and enter the details into a spreadsheet manually. It's tedious and a waste of time that I could really do without! I can't imagine that something so easy to automate doesn't exist.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Any way to get a simple, single document summarising charges for FY taxes?

No. I've never seen one.

I used to enter all my expenses weekly when I ran my own business, mainly so that I could fill out my Business Activity Statements correctly each month. Would take me less than a minute to enter the phone bill into the accounting software.


I could never understand why people would leave it until after the end of the financial year to do it. It takes so much extra effort to do it that way.

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