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Apple Music Cancellation

I cancelled my apple music subscription 5 months ago and my last 5 bills it keeps appearing as $11.99. Every time I get a bill I have to ring up and get the $11.99 removed. They then guarantee me that it will not appear on future bills but it does. This company is so big nobody knows what to do or how to do it. I ring up, I chat to computer online. I do everything possible but nothing ever works. Is this why apple are so rich? I encourage everyone to check their bills for things they don't have because I am sure I am not the only one getting ripped off. It is obvious that Apple and Telstra do NOT communicate.

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Re: Apple Music Cancellation

It sounds like Apple and Telstra are communicating. Apple is telling Telstra to bill you and Telstra does it.

Have you contacted Apple? It's their system where the subscription resides.
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Re: Apple Music Cancellation

I have tried everything possible. Next stop is Ombudsman. Even on my Telstra app under my add ons apple music is NOT there but I can guarantee you it will be on my next bill, again.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Apple Music Cancellation

Hey broady08,


I am sorry that this has been an ongoing issue and do apologise that we haven't been able to have this resolved for you as yet Smiley Sad As you have advised this is not showing on your account as being active, then there must be a subscription that is still active with Apple Music causing these charges to be generated. Have you been able to contact Apple Music directly and ensure there is no active subscription linked to your mobile number that could be billed to your Telstra account? If so what have they advised?


If there is no active subscription with them as well, then this will have to be raised as an official complaint so that we can have this investigated and resolved further for you. The form to have this lodged with the Complaints team can be located at




Please do let us know how you get on having this raised with Apple Music or our Complaints team?

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