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At wits end

I am at the absolute end of my tether with this telco. i thought when i chose to go with Aussie Broadband (btw great experience) i thought leaving Telstra couldnt be nearly as hard as trying to get them to turn on NBN for 2 months. I now have 5 NBN boxes but they couldnt turn it on. anyway, Im with Aussie and that is working very well. they have left me in a chat for 3 hours on Friday and now 4 hours today but cant process my termination. to make matters worse, they have sent me a bill for 3 x foxtel subscriptions but wont talk to me about rectifying the bill. any tips on what to do? or should i just go straight to the ombudsman?

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Re: At wits end

A Google search will present you with how to make a complaint at a senior level


Hope it is resolved for you

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Re: At wits end

Hi there! While replies via Messaging in the app my not be immediate, you can leave your message and you'll be alerted when an agent responds to assist you. This works more like an SMS thread with a friend than a LiveChat service. I'm sure we'll have you sorted in no time! If you do get stuck though your options to escalate are provided here: https://tel.st/n74m2;

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Re: At wits end

I left as well, payed for the last month of my service. I bet tho ill still get a bill again. Tho happy i got evidence to states from them the termination date. & the transcript of the conversation was also saved. Extremely happy my self with Aussie. At least there customer service is here in Aus. you talk to Telstra it's what 2hrs pls while we look at things wow. & this was b4 the app thing was introduced. i hope i don't get a Debt Collector bill in my mailbox. i payed my last bill, they are not getting more money this is for sure. Good luck for your self, im kinda in the same boat waiting to see.

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