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AutoPay - 2 Plans, 1 Account Help

Struggling to get some help via online chat so hoping someone can help out here / any suggestions would be great.


I have 2 mobile numbers, 2 different account numbers under the one name. This has been set up perfectly for my billing needs. But now we have upgraded to the iPhone 13 and switched over to the AutoPay system it seems the account numbers are a thing of the past and all the payments are instead coming out on the same day from the same credit card, I cannot find a way to make the payments separate. The online chat person keeps insisting on a change of ownership which in this case would not help as both the phones are mine. 

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Re: AutoPay - 2 Plans, 1 Account Help

I dunno why they have auto pay its a dumb system, I upgraded on the chat assistant as I couldn't online there was something wrong with my account they upgraded me no issues and didn't switch to autopay I dunno why they wouldn't be able to change this on their end, there is a way to do but you may have to call up in order to put things on the same account I had the same issue in the past. 

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Support Team

Re: AutoPay - 2 Plans, 1 Account Help

Unfortunately, we're not able to have the payments on separate dates, The nominated payment method is debited on the same day each month. We know this is different from what people have done in the past, but we they will be charged the same day as the phone were ordered on the same day.

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