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better to take notice of detail

I have a prepaid account with telstra, however I did try to have a hard line at one stage and it failed miserably.

It cost me 355.00 dollars to have it hooked up and I didn't get a bill because Telstra kept trying to send it to my residential address instead of my po box, which I use for all my mail because I dont have a residential postal service where I live ( by the way, I did supply a po box number )

Someone called me on my mobile one day and told me my phone had been cut off.

I visited a telstra shop where I was spoke to a representative.

I explained that I had given them my po box for the bill and I had supplied my residential address because I was asked to do so.

Telstra had no record of my po box number, they didn't know what happened to that, but I gave them my po box number again.

I left this for a couple of weeks thinking it would be all sorted because I had been in to see telstra and that they would get things going again for me, and I would recieve a bill or something in the post, which is what I thought was supposed to happen, I was wrong.

I went back into the telstra shop and explained what happened and was promptly handed a phone to speak to someone in another state.

I then explained what had happened to them too about the postal addresses and postal services and they said I had just not paid the bill and that is why they had cancelled my account and also inferred that I was neglegent in paying the bill and that they did have my po box number so there was no argument ( the po box number I gave them two weeks before ) , I also explained to them that I had already given them the po box number a couple of weeks ago and they didn't believe that either.

I was also told that if I wanted to get the service back, I would have to pay the 355.00 dollars again. 

I was pretty upset which isn't what is supposed to happen when dealing with a professional service so I  finished up the conversation feeling very upset, out of pocket, dissappointed and degraded.

When dealing with any company and providing details for bills and services etc., I would expect a company to take notice of what is being provided so that the company can provide the service that the customer is paying for.

Not get it wrong, not do anything about it and have it all fall over to the extent that the service fails and the customer is out of service, pocket and is treated poorly when bringing this failure to the notice of the provider. I believe that more attention to detail and ckecking afterwards to see that it will work should be done instead of relying on an automated system to do everything, which often doesn't work, so you have to make sure.

Take a couple of minutes to make sure your work is done properly and see that it works before moving on to the next task.

By the way, I still dont have a hard line, which I would love to have, but have been put off by the behaviour I encountered, at my last visit to the telstra shop.

I chose instead to leave the account cancelled, pay what I owed and leave it at that.



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: better to take notice of detail

Hi Minion1,


This is a disappointing experience to hear of and I am sorry that this was not sorted out for you. It does seem there has been a bit of misinformation here, when we should have simply been able to update your billing address.


I am sorry that this has coloured your opinion of us and I would be more than happy to help if you choose to connect another phone line.


If you want any further help to do this let me know. I would also like to mention that if you have connected a line before, there should not be a connection fee this high, it should only be $59.

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