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Bigpond Music payment error messages

Hi. Yesterday I logged into BigPond Music (BPM) and added 7 tunes to my cart and then logged in.  I go to add payment to my Account (so it appears on my next Telstra bill) and after around 30 seconds, an error appeared saying, "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your payment.  If this occurs again, please contact Support".  So I tried again, same thing.  I logged out and logged back in and attempted to pay by credit card instead.... same error appeared!  So I gave up.

Last night I checked my credit card on online banking and BPM have taken the money of $17.05 and then this morning it appears they refunded the same amount, but there is a new charge of $1.00 (no idea what for!).


My main concern now though, is charges on my Telstra bill, as I have attempted twice to pay for the tunes on my Telstra account.  Have they gone through?  Have they been reversed as well?  How do I know when the BPM site's payment is working properly again so I can make a purchase and download successfully? 

By the way, I was NOT able to download any music after the error message appeared those 3 times.


Also, it would be nice if there was a hyperlink or button to click on that would take me directly to the correct 'Support' area for BPM.  I have spent a lot of time trying to locate BPM support.  Thanks.  Jason.

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Re: Bigpond Music payment error messages

Hi jst3712,

I'd suspect the $1.00 charge may be a verification fee & these usually get refunded.

You can find Bigpond Music contact details here http://bigpondmusic.com/help/contact & would recommend speaking with them about this 

Apologies for any confusion.



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Re: Bigpond Music payment error messages

Ok, thanks Shannon.  I have sent them an email form (I am better at explaining things in writing as opposed to phone conversations).  Fingers crossed.

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