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Bill Dispute - Agent Promise

Telstra please help. I'm trying this as I cannot contact Telstra using phone or chat and all my online queries  go round in circles or take me to a call centre which is closed. All I want to do is be able to lodge my query with you so that it can be actioned when you have the resources available. Your agent, D917104, promised us on 29th February that the excess data charges for Feb-March would not be applied however they have not been taken off our latest bill leaving us with an extra $80 to pay. How can I pass on the appropriate info so that someone in Billing can action this for us. Thank you.

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Re: Bill Dispute - Agent Promise

i am the same, we were waived $72.97 because a telstra agent downloaded an app without informing us that it would cost us data charges. we didnt know till be got the bill, queried it and they waived it, we paid the balance and now the next bill, they are asking us to pay the rest of the bill (ie the part we didnt pay for) Current bill was in credit also but asking us to paid the preivous bill in full.  Cant get on chat either, nor phone.  

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Re: Bill Dispute - Agent Promise

There does not seem to be a practical way to cancel or dispute anything with Telstra or Foxtel at the moment, unfortunately. You'll probably need to lodge a complaint.


Consumers are protected by guarantee under Australian Consumer Law.



Consumers have the right to cancel services under Australian Consumer Law.



Consumers have the means to make a complaint.




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