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Can Telstra please explain why we cannot pay our bill by cheques.

We received no such notification and indeed the Telstra bill still provides for such an option given that we can pay this bill at any Post Office.

Cheques are still proper and legal tender and should be accepted by Telstra.

It is both unfair and unreasonable that this should not be an option as Telstra does not provide any proper customer service choosing to have a defective and inefficient system that requires unreasonable waiting times to speak and formally make a complaint.

Unless we receive a proper explanation as to this ridiculous decision then we will be lodging a formal complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity


Sigh. Cheques are not "legal tender".


The term "legal tender" only applies to banknotes and coins issued by the Reserve Bank of Australia.


Telstra is under no obligation to accept any form of payment (even cash, if alternative payment forms are specified in the service agreement prior to commencement) - have a read of the Reserve Bank Act and the Currency Act, they are quite interesting.


You can complain to the Ombudsman, but they have no power to compel a provider to accept a particular form of payment.


Many organisations have ceased accepting cheques as payment due to the cost of processing and the delay in clearing funds. This has accelerated the decline in cheque usage in Australia (over 83% in the past 10 years and reduces by about 20% each year currently).

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