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Billed for mobile international call

I have been billed for an international call from my mobile, which just didn't happen.

I had been bombarded with one ring calls from Botswana and other places I've barely heard of, and never rang them back but blocked them, and now I have to pay?


I tried that 24x7 chat thing through my mobile, but it kicked me out four times before I got to speak with anyone. The website didn't connect with the 'request a credit' site to try and get someone to 'chat' with - it's not a chat if you're not actually speaking with someone!!


I went to the 'Contact Us' - which referred back to the 24x7 chat - you people have made it so very hard to want to bother with you. The only good thing for you is that the others are just as bad as you are.

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Re: Billed for mobile international call

@ge_kt You can calling Billing 13 22 00 24/7 to request a refund or use a browser and connect with Telstra Online Chat at http://tel.st/8jgx if you are having issues with the mobile app.


More info on How do I get a refund?


I tried the online web form for a refund request with a PC browser and it worked (It will require you to login to process a refund request),

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