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billing questions

I have put linux on my computer,

instead of windows, cant seem to print my bills anymore.

can you send in linux mode.


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Re: billing questions


This isn't Telstra's fault or responsibility to support.
Try this http://lmgtfy.com/?q=PDF+viewer+for+Linux

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Re: billing questions

The bills are PDF documents, so are operating system independant.


Have you loaded up the correct printer drivers for your printer? Some printers don't have easily accessible printer drivers for Linux. You have to dig deep in the developer forums for some of them.

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Re: billing questions



Whilst some of us had a good chuckle  Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy
Yes i know  i did sorry 

but its part of the reason I joined this forum to try and help people.


but this line was just so beautiful


can you send in linux mode.


Im going to make the asssumption that you can at least read the bill on screen using something like LibreOffice.



Whats the Printer brand and model you are using?

As @Jupiter  said have you attempted to load Printer drivers?

is the printer directly plugged into the computer?

is the printer a network printer either wifi or ethernet?

which distro of linux are you using?



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