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I just had a chat with 24/7 chat people about changing the due date for my bills (15th every month) to the (22nd ) because I get paid on the 20th every month, the reason for this is if I don’t put an extension of my payment I will get charge $15.00 every time when I forget which every time!
They told me that it’s out of their hands!
Does anyone have a similar situation?
How do I solve this to change the date?

Because the 24/7 chat told me the only solution is to call or chat with them to put an extension on my bill every time it comes out !
I don’t have time for this as I have 7 kids to look after ! I don’t have the time to do this!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Billing

Unfortunately the billing system isn't smart enough to be able to cope with that.

If your bill is the same amount (or very close to it) each month. Divide the amount by 4 and pay it in weekly instalments as a recurring BPay payment (eg. If it's $120 per month, pay $30 per week). The downside is that the first month you do this, you need to find the money twice out of the same pay. The upside is that you will get your account in to credit (due to their being slightly more than 4 weeks in a month), so you will give yourself a little buffer over time.
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.

Set it & forget it

With direct debit there’s no need to give paying your bill another thought.

Avoid queuing up and never worry about late fees again.

Setup direct debit