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Breach of Privacy 3 times

I hate Telstra.


On the 9/11/13 i seperated from my psycho ex partner. I recieved constant phone calls and text messages. I rang Telstra to change my number which they did. 8 hours later my ex obtained my new number, HOW AND WHY was my number given out as i was the only one who knew it, and i haden't given it out to anyone!. I rang telstra who denied that they didn't give out my number. I then requested another number, and put a password on the account. I rang the following morning asking to know what my new number was, and they told me what it was. I became angry and said that you are to ask for a password before you give out my details. The consultant oh yes that's my next question. I complained to Telstra stating you have violated my privacy, 3 times i had to change my number because my ex was asking Telstra for it i believe. How else can she get my new number.


This ex partner is violent and im trying to be kept safe, but telstra doesn't care. My phone bill will be huge because of constant access to my voicemail and calling her to leave me alone. i have 42 voicemail messages all from her, and i could have kept my bill down if telstra didn't breach my privacy.


I have been a good customer, and this is how im treated?


I demand that Telstra WRITES OFF this coming bill, change my plan and give me a new phone as im off contract at no cost to me.


Months before, credit management asked me if i was able to pay the account on time. I said i haven't got it yet. I complained that day and all they could do was say sorry and give me a $50 discount!


This is all a joke, and i have never been treated in such a way that makes you sick.


I bet Telstra will do the same thing and sit on their hands again. I bet they won't even try to ring!


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Breach of Privacy 3 times

Hi theequalizer,


I can assure you that privacy is an issue we take very seriously and I am sorry that we have let you down so badly.


I will be in touch shortly via private message.

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