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Can no longer see records of payments made or anything at all in online billing


I am asking about this clearly technical issue here as a) I've been told by senior Staff that Telstra would prefer us to use this rather than call them, and b) after a six month long complaint which a resolution has now been offerred and accepted, simply to put an end to it, I can no longer cope with speaking to Telstra and am trying to recover from depression brought on by my Telstra Experience to date.



Here is the problem I am having:


I recently managed to get my 2 accounts combined into a single bill, no help from Telstra themselves with this, and have been unable to veiw any details of previous payments made, or any previous bills for the account that became inactive when combined into a single bill since. No record of any billing Info for either account is available to me now.


I have mentioned this to one of the various case mgrs I've been passed around with in Complaints but they showed no interest in the issue. I have also tried to explain the issuse to other Telstra staff unsucessfully


It appears to me as though when I click through from My Account to view this information It is somehow stuck on the innactive account and cannot be changed to the active one, and due to the account being innactive, the system does not appear to be able to provide me with any information about it either which means that all billing and payment history for the past on this account is no longer available to me.


I find the My Account site to be mostly useless to me as the billing information shown is never the same as the bills themselves and I generally only use it to get to the online billing details section, now that this has also become completely useless to me and no one seems to want to help resolve or even understand the problem, I'm left without access to information which at times is extremely important for me to access.


If any one has had a similar issue or has any ideas on how I may be able to retrieve my billing payments history etc. I would greatly appreciate it.



Thanking you in advance and in hope that there may be someone who can assit me.




Note: If anyone is considering suggesting I call Telstra or trying 24/7 chat etc. please don't, this has already proven unproductive and only added to the stress causing my current depression.

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Re: Can no longer see records of payments made or anything at all in online billing

Hi Linley,

Sorry to say but talking to Telstra is the only way of resolving this! I had an issue a few years ago where I (was setting up online billing for the parents) attached all there account info to mine. Yes it was a pain to find someone that knew what they were doing (5 Telstra reps from memory) but it was resolved. They basically closed the online account and started fresh, separating the linked accounts and creating two new ones all be it a loss of my old username..

Write down on a piece of paper what the tech issues are so when you traverse next time with Telstra it'll be minus all the who har stuff as really telstra members don't need to hear/read about the "other stuff", just the simple story and any technical details will do as anything else will yield the same result.


Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Can no longer see records of payments made or anything at all in online billing

Hi Linley, 


Thanks for your postSmiley Wink This indeed does sound like a very frustrating issue, especially as you have tried so many times to be able to view the active accounts without success. 


Please feel welcome to send me a PM and I can obtain your details securely for further assistance. 




Greg II

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Re: Can no longer see records of payments made or anything at all in online billing

Thank you so much for your unhelpful response Dave.

I'm sorry u feel I forced u to read about the "other Stuff" and who har.

As u say Telstra Members don't need to read/hear about it, yet you found that you did?


Talking to testra is what sent me here, they told me to come here instead of talking to them.


In the future please do not feel obliged to read and reply to any future posts I make unless you feel you have something to contribute, I am not forcing anyone to read anything, let alone make piontless responses. It's ur choice.

all the best,


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