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Can Someone tell me if below has happened to them?

Let me start by saying if Rural NSW had any other choice besides Telstra we would be cancelling all our accounts now!!!! … We have 2 Mobiles, 1 Data Pack for Ipad, Home Phone & Foxtel all with Telstra … We get a call from Telstra (TSA part of Telstra???) on the 10th April to see if they could help us save some money (they knew all our information without asking) … With the help of the nice sales person we change & were offered:- • Mobile Plans to $45 Mobile Accelerate BYO Plan – No contract • Upgrade the Bundle to “Telstra Entertainer Supreme Bundle - Platinum - L Plan” – No contract • Changed Ipad to new $35 Explorer Plan – No contract • Priority when calling “First in line service” • Free IQ3 Box for being Loyal Telstra Customers But guess what happened … NOTHING for 8 days except they cancelled our Data Packs so we were on PAYG Data, 4-5 calls later & total of $700+ of charges they realise there mistake (still to see if they cancel charges without a fight) … But we had to tell another person (the 4-5 Telstra person), as they could find “NO RECORD OF OUR COVERSTION FROM THE 10TH APRIL” to put us on the $45 Mobile Accelerate BYO Plan, which they did but only with a 12 month contract. So here we are thinking we had no conservation with Telstra on 10th April because nothing of the above was done & no one after double digit conversations with Telstra could find any record, but mysteriously on the 20th April our Foxtel with Telstra Bundle changes to “Telstra Entertainer Supreme Bundle - Platinum - L Plan” … We had not given the go ahead for this with any other Telstra person except the person on the 10th April (then they cancel our HD subscription on 20th April just for a laugh) … So we call again & after double dutch conversation all about the 10th April call (again!!!) this person transfers us to TSA who wow low & behold know all about the conversation but need to review the tape as they have no computer/digital records of the things promised. So we think you little beauty we are finally going to get somewhere after 13 days of total frustration. But no Telstra still wasn’t finished needling us, because today we receive 2 separate letters … One was the information for the “$45 Mobile Accelerate BYO Plan” & information on the cooling off period, ok that’s good. The second letter was information for the Ipads “$35 Explorer Plan” & information on the cooling off period … So tell me how we can get a letter about a plan that: 1. Hasn’t even been put on? 2. Telstra can find no record of the conversation about changing the Plan? 3. Telstra “My Account” online still shows old Plan? Well that’s our story & as I said at the beginning if Rural NSW could get total coverage from another provider I am sure Telstra would be struggling for customers.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Can Someone tell me if below has happened to them?

hi Bicki08


Wow, that's certainly not a great experience at all and I'm really sorry that this has occurred for you.


This type of issue can occur when we use other Industry Providers to assist us with our Outbound Sales. If details aren't entered in our system correctly at the other end, there can be problems locating how this in the system.


As you have received letters regarding the plans you requested, it sounds like your account  is in the process of being updated with the new plans. 


If you can chat with us we will be able to check on the status of your orders and confirm what still needs to be done. 


- Regards 

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Re: Can Someone tell me if below has happened to them?

So, the question from my line of thinking on this, Lindy, is "what is Telstra doing to ensure these 'other industry providers' are doing service(s) and supplying equipment up to an expected standard of an industry leader?"


People should not feel frustration time and again. 


Just my 2c worth.


Iain M
Twitter: @IainOfToronto

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