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Can't speak to a human or anyone online..

Not sure if anyone can but we moved house and I forgot about a bill and my services got restricted. I paid the outstanding amount yesterday and reported the payment it's now over 24 hours later and I still have restrictions on my phone and my child's phone. I was told it would be all good in 2 hours... I have tried calling 125111 and 132200 and I can't get through to anyone it keeps hanging up on me. I have clicked the report a payment again and it tells me in 2 hours services will be restored, nothing happened, I have turned my phone off and on so many times it's ridiculous.


I need to have my phone working and so does my child because I do shift work and need to be in contact with my child if there are any issues which works the other way too my child needs to be able to contact me as well and can't.


How do I fix this when i can't actually talk to anyone. I even tried to use the help and chat now feature and get absolutely NO response.


Would appreciate any advise please.

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Level 1: Cadet

Re: Can't speak to a human or anyone online..

In the same boat, forgot to pay bill, shaped on friday afternoon, paid bill immediately and told would be fixed in 2 hours.  After multiple attempts, unable to get any human contact or assistance from Telstra, keeps disconnecting me when i ring and 30 hours later still no internet...

Fair enough my fault for not paying bill on time, but some assistance would be great.  Its like everyone in Telstra knocked of Friday arvo and wont be back till Monday...


Extremely frustrated with lack of customer support. 

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