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canceled my plan request $1700+ to reconnect- 132200 overseas operators useless🤬 TIO nxt option

I’m absolutely at a loss...I have contacted Telstra a total of 7 times to try to sort out my account and now my phone is not only suspended but my contract has been completely cancelled.

My mobile service had been suspended due to two week over due bill of $800+. I had been paying this off and having paid the bill in total I then contacted Telstra with my receipt number only to be told they couldn’t find my account number and that I owed $1700+ and were unable to tell me why it increased to $1700. I then phoned the Telstra Credit Managment Team who told me they would reconnect my service and I would have my phone back within 4-24 hours. Another day has passed and I still have no phone. I received the copy of my bill via email and Telstra haven’t just suspended my service, they have completely cancelled my entire contract, not only with my mobile but also my iPad which isn’t even 8 months old. I received absolutely no warning, not even an overdue bill or letter to say my contract would be cancelled and I would have to pay it out in its entirety!

I have tried to resolve this with Telstra 3 times in 2 days and my account is still in no way sorted out. Who do I contact now? Should I raise a complaint with Telstra directly or do I contact the Telecommunications Ombudsmen instead?

I feel at a total loss and completely let down by Telstra and I’ve always been able to sort out my account when suspended or over due with no issues before. I just don’t know why this has happened and why no one can help me.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: canceled my plan request $1700+ to reconnect- 132200 overseas operators useless🤬 TIO nxt option

You need to raise a complaint with Telstra before the TIO would look at it (in most cases).

The lodgement form is at

Note: It can take up to 5 business days for a complaints manager to make initial contact.

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