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I cancelled my Foxtel account was due a refund but I have now been sent an overdue bill for a service that we no longer receive. 
telstra cancelled our Foxtel on the day while I was on the phone disconnected our services. They can’t connect them that quick but can cancel quicker than you can blink 

to make things worse they have even charged me late fees for an account that should be closed. 

just frustrated with Telstra they lied to get us to connect and then when I ring up to cancel one box out of 4 I am told that I can no longer get the service I have been receiving, I must upgrade to a dearer box and then the packages cost more.

I can get 6 streaming services for half the price I am paying for Foxtel. and even your personel can’t compete with those prices except if I go back to one box I could but not for 3 which then would mean I would go slowly mad watching kids tv al the time. 

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Level 20: Director

Re: Cancellation

If you are paying for a service that you cancelled you can lodge a complaint with Telstra.  Information on this can be found at

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