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Change of prepaid offer before recharge gone wrong

I went to recharge my prepaid, as I'm using it for net access on my computer, and saw the offer for Freeedom plus (the offer for 3GB + 3GB when recharging on $40).
Using the *100# USSD code, I changed to freedom plus, then recharged with $40. After I checked my balance, to make sure it'd worked, and it hasn't.

I am still on Freedom anytime, so only have 2GB in total.


Is there anything Telstra can do to fix this??

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Re: Change of prepaid offer before recharge gone wrong

Hey Dr0pb34r,

When changing your offer, you always need to wait for the confirmation text to come through, which will let you know that your offer has been changed. If you haven't waited for that text to come through, then unfortunately there's not much that can be done.

If however, that text did come through before you topped up your credit. Then you can contact Telstra Pre-Paid on, 125 8887 or via 24 x 7 online chat support. Our consultants there will be able to rectify any issues.

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