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Charge Query



Usually my account bill is $90 inc GST and I haven't used any extra thing apart from my plan. then why my latest bill have increased to $93.07, why there are $3.07 extra charged for??


I need refund for this extra amount I am charged. 




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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Charge Query

The community contributors at CrowdSupport do not have access to your account details.You have to put your question to Telstra Support. You can reach out to them in several ways, including :


  • using the chat function in the Get help section of the My Telstra app,
  • calling 132200 (9am - 8pm AEST Weekdays),
  • or you can use the My Telstra app to request that Telstra Support call you at Get help - Speak with us

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