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charged incorrectly for all data on mobile plan.

Since getting a new mobile plan 4 months ago I keep on being charged for all data even though I have 1 gb allowance. I have rung several times and been to Telstra store Carousel in Perth ( they were no help) and have been assured several times that it has been fixed. It hasn't been fixed.

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Re: charged incorrectly for all data on mobile plan.

You will need to either try LiveChat or lodge a complaint at http://www.telstra.com.au/complaints as the crowd don't have access to your account.




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I have live chatted several times, phone calls stores you...

I have live chatted several times, phone calls stores you name it I have done it. Assured that it is fixed and it isn't. I will write to complaints. 

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Re: charged incorrectly for all data on mobile plan.

I forgot to say thanks for the help. I never new about the complaints line.


thanks again

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Re: charged incorrectly for all data on mobile plan.

Hi all,

I've spent several hours with the very helpful folk on the chat desk. They managed to do what nobody else at Telstra, both in the shopfronts & on the end of telephones seemed willing or able to do.
That was, try to explain why for 12 months data on my wife's fone was being charged at $2/Mb frfom the very first Mb, even tho she had a 1Gb data pack. Her first bill was for nearly $1000 which nearly gave her a heart attack.This went on for 3 months until the poor woman turned her data off completely and cried herself to sleep. That was 9 months ago.
After countless fruitless phonecalls where she was basically accused of either lying or being incompetent she gave up and just paid her bills.
Now it seems there's been a mistake, no-one has admitted it yet completely but it seems when she changed from her pre-paid clunker to her snazzy 'Samsung Galaxy included $60/1Gb 24 month plan' she's been billed at the scandalous pre-paid data rate of $2/Mb since day one. The thing was, nobody could or would tell her exactly how much data in Mb she had actually used. It turns out it was much less than the 1Gb allowed in her plan. Now we are getting told that maybe something isn't quite right, see quote from the wonderful chat desk operator, Sandy, below:

So what is the bottom line here? From where I sit it certainly looks like I've been charged at the
princely sum of $2/mb from the first Mb for any data use. That would explain the $540 for 270Mb.
Thats more or less correct isnt it?
The ticket raised on your account will point out the misaligned details. Right now we need to wait
for it to be completed before we can move forward with any actions."

So the question is, does this type of thing happen much and if so can I presume all data charges falsely invoiced & paid  would be credited? How many others might be suffering the same indignity & impost I cant help but wonder? At $2/Mb it could have easily turned into a $20,000 trauma, the worst thing was the lack of support from day one. 
Thank you Ferlyn & Sandy at the Chat desk, if it wasn't for you I doubt any of this would have ever been brought to light.
If this is happening to others then Telstra needs to closely re-examine its procedures.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: charged incorrectly for all data on mobile plan.

Hi trafa52, 

I'm really sorry to hear that this situation even occurred in the first place, and it's great to see that its in the process of being mended. 

And I can confirm that this situation occurs extremely rarely. In over 4 years at Telstra in front of house and operations positions, I have only seen 1 case of it myself, this would be the second. 

It happens when the front of house system shows one thing, but the same thing isn't implement in the system that manages usage/ billing.
Most staff can only see the front of house system, so they can't see that the other system isn't mirroring it, and that system is too complex and too rarely needed to have all staff having access to it.

So it looks like everything is ok, when it's obviously not. And due to the rarity of it occurring a lot of staff aren't aware that this can happen. However in saying that, whenever something strange comes up, our staff are fully supported to have it investigated by people who can discover problems like this, and it should have immediately been passed along for investigation so that it could be resolved.

Also, yes, all incorrect charges are entitled to be credited. 


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