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Compensation re: bad network coverage

Hi there

For the past 3 weeks (going onto a month now) we have little to no reception at my apartment in the New Farm area in Brisbane (4005)

Where I previously got 4g access in my bedroom, I can hardly get enough signal to make a phone call now.

My partner and I have spoken to Customer service and have been told over and over there is no outage and no issue. We were asked to troubleshoot our phones, and even go elsewhere to make a test call even after I advised the same issue is happening to 3 people in the flat all on different hardware.

After many conversations with the Telstra customer service reps + 24/h Live chat guys, there was finally an escalation made.

I received voicemail on Friday (as I had no reception for the call to come through) advising that they are in fact decommissioning a Telstra tower in the area, thus the bad reception. He was to make a follow-up but i have not heard anything back.

Since my company is with Telstra too, I have now lost out on at least 2 weekends of On-call, which is now a financial loss to me.

I feel paying full price for a service that has been severely crippled over the last month is not fair, especially when I’m losing income due to it too.

Could you please have a look into ref# 1-119960369653 and advise the best action to take to request some compensation on my account.

Kind Regards



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Re: Compensation re: bad network coverage



Crowdsupport is primarily customers supporting customers, this is not the best forum to obtain support of this 


Try going back to the LiveChat guys, they should be able to help you there. Most people here can't access your accounts or Telstra's system.

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Re: Compensation re: bad network coverage

To be honest, as the service you have is a residential service, you will likely be released from your contract without penalty, and I think thats the most they have to offer you in compensation.


If your complaint still remains unresolved and you have tried contacting Telstra Complaints (http://www.telstra.com.au/complaints ) you can contact the TIO at http://www.tio.com.au or via phone (1800 062 058) to escalate your issue.


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Re: Compensation re: bad network coverage

Thanks for the replies


Myself and another flatmate have escilated this, and a have now been advised the the tower relocation wont be complete till end of April.  Thats a long time to have no receptopn in my house and flakey reception in my suburb..


We will discuss this with billing and see where it goes.


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