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Complaint of bill assistance during COVID19

I am on a mobile Telstra plan but have been stuck outside of the country since March 2020. As such, my Telstra mobile plan hasn't been in use since the end of March, and I am paying for a mobile service that is not in use. I have explained to the customer service representative numerous times on multiple occasions on the Telstra customer support app that I am currently overseas and my mobile plan is not in use, however none of them have offered me the option to apply for the COVID19 bill assistance at any point in time. Even today when I directly asked the customer support team whether there were any options for me to temporarily suspend my mobile plan since I am experiencing financial difficulty paying for my bills, and whether my bills could be waived/refunded for the last few months, the support team directed me instead to apply for a prepaid plan, which was not the best cost saving option. They were not helpful in answering any of my questions, and skipped over waiving of the bills. Currently, I have paid $200 in total for a mobile service that was not in use since April, and I want an explanation on why the support team did not refer me to the COVID19 bill assistance at all throughout this time.

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