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Could the order estimate be incorrect?



A few days ago I purchased online an Apple Watch S5, and as a Telstra customer, I can choose to pay off the watch over a 24 month period ($35 a month). There was definitely no option to change these terms during the purchase flow (I've checked), and I received a confirmation email to say I would be paying $35 a month over 24 months - all good.


This morning I received an email from Telstra with an order estimate attached, outlining what I would be paying in my next bill and then each month after. The monthly payment has jumped to $70 a month! 


I spoke to an agent and he suggested that somehow the payment terms have changed, and I'm now paying over 12 months rather than 24 months? Or that the order estimate is incorrect? He said I could decline the delivery when the watch arrives and once the watch is returned the order is cancelled, but I don't want to do that if it's just a mistake with the order estimate.


Does anyone have any thoughts/experiences with this?

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Re: Could the order estimate be incorrect?

Order Estimate can definitely be wrong, but the order may have also been processed wrong.

if you give Telstra a call on 132200, they should be able to check the order and make sure it was in fact processed for a 24 month repayment.

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Re: Could the order estimate be incorrect?

The first payment will normally be higher. This is because it will do a part month payment for the remaining part of your billing cycle and a full month in advance.


That amount will vary depending on when in the month it is done.

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Re: Could the order estimate be incorrect?

Thanks StrayaM8, the agent assures me it's still 24 months. 

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