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I recently called to initiate my free trial to apple music through 24/7 chat and that was fine and sorted.

Then the next day telstra sent me a text which stated i now telstra have halved my monthly data, so I get on the 24/7 chat again and had this resolved and the girl even added more data for my inconvenience.


Then I get my next bill and it is for another plan and I now have gotten heaps of charges for switching plans. 


I then call, 24/7 chat multiple times to which all the telstra employees state that it is now fixed and I am not to worry about the extra charges as these will be wiped. 


I pay my normal bill amount bill amount as usual as I am assured this is fine.


I then receive an amount overdue email yesterday.


I cant seem to get a solution from instore or online or on the phone - does anyone know of somewhere I can go or call that is above the standard call centre or a telstra shop that will actually assist?


Also I feel I will I wont get a solution to this just an X across my credit history because of telstra's lack of care - Anyone had any luck with the TIO in getting a result? 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Customer Service

Your first port of call would be to call 132200 and lodge a formal complaint (ask for Complaints when the robot lady asks what you want). They should be able to resolve the situation.


If they cannot resolve the problem, then the next stage would be to lodge a complaint with the TIO.

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