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Data Usage Exceeded - History Seems Overstated



I have a 2 gigabyte allowance per month for my data usage, and in the past two years I have never exceeded it; generally I might hit 50% - 70% of it. I use wifi at home, and my data usage behaviour is fairly consistent. However, this month I have exceeded my usage with 8 days to go.


Looking at my data usage history it seems that a spike in traffic started around the end of October (27th or so), and large volumes of data seem to be more consistent in my history since then. I can't account for this myself, my phone tells me I have only used 1.6 gigabytes in my current period, yet Telstra says I am now over 2 gigabytes.


To add to this, my partner also uses telstra (different phone - I use an iPhone, he has a HTC One) and he is 6 days into his month plan. At the 6 day mark his usage is telling him he has used 50% of his data. Again, his behaviour hasn't changed, and he rarely get close to his cap.


Has anyone had similar problems? Is anyone aware of any changes in how Telstra is metering data usaged?

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Re: Data Usage Exceeded - History Seems Overstated

Hi thatguy35471,


I can confirm that there hasn't been a change to how data usage is metered.


One thing we have found a lot since we have rolled out 4G is that some customers' data usage is higher when they start using that network, due to the fact that a lot more data can be used within the same amount of time.


Have you either upgraded to 4G devices or had the 4G network activate recently in your area?

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