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Debt referred

Tried to upgrade my mobile handset today at a Telstra agent as I am out of contract. The lady told me she couldn’t proceed with my order as my account had been “flagged as collections initiated” (I pay my bill in full each month), I had no idea what she was talking about. She went on to tell me that it related to a different account number that was so-called in our name, & was from 10 years ago! She couldn’t tell me how much it was but that it had been “finalised” & sold to a debt collection agency back in January 2010. I advised her that I had no idea about any other debt with Telstra, that I pay my account each month, & have done for the last 10 years without issue. I have also changed phones, upgraded etc, as has my partner, so 2 mobiles on our account, & have never had this mentioned to us before. I have been left to contact Telstra to find out how much & to who the debt was referred & have to try to ascertain what they think we owe as she couldn’t tell me anymore. I have today done credit checks on the both of us, with nothing about a Telstra debt on either of our credit checks. I have recently refinanced our home loan, no problems. Has anyone had this happen to them? How do I rectify this? Telstra seem to be a law all to themselves & I feel as though it won’t matter how much I disagree with them, I won’t get this resolved! The ACCC website says debts outside 6 years can’t be persued if no contact has been made. Why can Telstra flag my account but there’s nothing on my credit history. They’ve been quite happy to take my money each month otherwise, however at this stage I don’t feel like paying them another cent more. Disgusting treatment of their customers!

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Debt referred

You will need to lodge it as a formal complaint to get it investigated. Go to https://telstra.com/complaints

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