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Did you know that selected Telstra accounts cannot register for a Telstra ID for LTE smart watches?

I purchased a Samsung Active2 LTE watch in good faith. As far as I am concerned this is a Tripartite agreement between JB, Telstra and Myself. It turns out that JBHiFi and Telstra can collude to sell you a smartwatch that is LTE cellular-enabled knowing full well that you will be unlikely to get the Telstra One number allocated to your account while they migrate accounts and users to the new Salesforce platform that is going to take months. The Telstra One number is the critical feature for the watch to be cellular operational and do what they promise. I am absolutely gobsmacked. I spent $749 on a watch that will not and cannot work as advertised anytime soon. Telstra has confirmed they do not know when the Telstra One number will be available. Don't be fooled like me and check you can get a Telstra One account first. Nowhere in the advertising or sales process of this product are you alerted to this fact.

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