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Direct Debit Failed


I just got aphone call saying I was overdue with my payment, and my bill says that it will be paid by direct debit.  What is going on. Can I get someone to call me?


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Re: Direct Debit Failed

Best you call? Check your account for availability of funds?



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Re: Direct Debit Failed

Jut checked my account and find I am two days overdue, Why did the direct debit not work? I have now tried to set it up again, can I recieve some verification that it has been set up? Ac No,*************.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Direct Debit Failed

Heya Horteng,


Welcome to CrowdSupport. Smiley Happy

Firstly, I need to advise that I have removed your account number from your post. As this is a public forum it is strongly recommended that such information is not provided in the interest of protecting sensitive information and your privacy.

In the meantime, it can take up to two billing periods for Direct Debit to successfully begin and there also needs to be a zero balance on the account when the Direct Debit is set up - it will not kick in until that zero balance is detected.

Our 24x7 Live Chat Consultants can certainly look into this for you and I'd certainly recommend having a chat with them moving forward in regard to account specific queries.

Hope this helps. Smiley Wink

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