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Disabled Sister was Victim of Fraud

Ill keep it brief its much better in real and with all the evidence i have, My sister is disabled and also has front lobe dementia she was the victim of fraud and someone acted as her carer by asking her for a lift to the store and requested her to sign the documents as a witness. with an acquired brain injury and dementia lisa doesnt process things like most and wouldnt of known she was being targetted but the store should of protected her being disabled She left the store to get drinks etc and the girl got 3 premium leased devices and than went back later and got headphones. She told lisa to hand over her license etc as they need them for her to sign and even though the telstra store new she was disabled put on the form she worked at a legal firm. Wait it gets better i reported it to the telstra fraud team heard nothing for months i chased it to the point of going crazy and last few weeks we got debt collectors chasing her for the debt. Im way to smart for corporations that try to take advantage of disabled people and have recorded everythung and put monitoring devices on my equipment. telstra have been using mdm managed profiles to spy on us along with setting up fake facebook profiles and agmonst so many other things im not telling them but they all targeting my sister the disabled girl with dementia how low is this. they have used foxtel because we have foxtel. They have done even worse what should we do i was the one that refered it to the fraud team i called 15 times at one stage, every one of you that have been involved in ruining lisas life over the last 6 months should go to jail. Prehaps someone might want to call me oh wait ive ha to change my phone number 5 times in the last few months due to all this targeted disruption. The CEO should be looking at this. regards Ian Dean 

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Disabled Sister was Victim of Fraud

You've missed the most logical step that needed to be done. It needed to be reported to the Police at the time (and it's not too late to do it). It not only sounds like a fraud has been committed, but also stalking (both of which the Police can investigate).


You should also get in touch with the CEO's Office via this page.


And you should have also contacted the Ombudsman via tio.com.au when the Telstra Complaints Team didn't get back to you.

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