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Disappointment with Telstra Billing Procedures - but solved.

After changing my Bundle about 5-6 weeks ago, I have just received my first billI was surprised with the overall total and started to go through the bill to see what had caused the large increaseI understood the charges relating to my old bundle and the "catch-up" with the new oneI then found the International Value Pack charged at around $6.00. I had never asked for or been told about this charge

The second item that caused concern was a charge of $144 for a new modemWhen I was making initial inquiries about changing bundles, I asked about getting a new modem and was told that if I wanted a new modem I would have to pay $72.00 for itSome days later, I spoke to another customer service officer and went ahead with the change of Bundle package and was told that in addition to a $10.00 discount (which appeared on the bill) I would be sent a new modem free of chargeI received the modem a short time later and connected through itBut my question is: how on earth could a modem that was supposed to be "free of charge" be charged out at twice the price I was originally quoted?


Today I contacted Telstra and due to a helpful lady had both the charges relating to the International Value Pack and the

$144 for the "free" modem credited to my accountLuckily, the CSO who finalised my deal had recorded everything which made things easier.


I am in my seventies and mentally aware, but I think of what others, who are not so aware, may have done in a similar positionThere would be people out there who would have accepted the bill as it was and would have been "ripped off" by what has to be, poor accounting proceduresFor me, the problem is solved but one wonders how many other poor buggers who can't properly look after themselves have been unknowingly taken for a ride by Telstra's Accounts Branch.







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