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Extreme Incompetence

How's this I have tried for nearly three years to get telstra to send me my mobile bill to my email,  did all of the stuff registered etc,  they finally started to send my WIFE'S bigpond bill to my email address around 8 months ago, go figure. So I contacted them to try and fix this error, they apologised for the error then basically changed the name on the same bill and continued to send them to me.  So I contacted them to tell them of their mistake and they changed the name on the bill  back still sending them to my email . I contacted them again same scenario and so it goes on in the circle...Ad nausium

I again tried to get MY bill  sent to MY email and am them told that my mobile account is ineligible to have its bill delivered to my email, as the email was being used for another account. I tried again to explain they were sending the wrong bill to the account to no avail I am then referred as is normal with telstra to a different department and have to start from the beginning again with a new member of the "TELSTRA TEAM???" it become quite exasperating. I think telstra should look up team in a dictionary as the left hand of telstra does not know what the right hand is doing, not at all like a TEAM.

I have tried to use the chat 24 system a few times, though not being the quickest of typists get cut off while I am still trying to type a message more than half of the time including today.  Though I did finally manage to convince the TEAM member to stop sending my wife's bill to me, understand that my wife has been receiving her bill at her own email account as well as me. And the email is addressed to me with Dear Mrs ***********  I asked that the TEAM member simply put my details onto the email request form as was originally requested and was referred to another department, the very department that caused the mess in the first place, and continued to stuff up every single time that I contacted them to try and rectify the mess. 

COME ON PEOPLE IT CANT BE THAT HARD TO SEND MY BILL TO MY EMAIL  HELL YOU ARE THE PROVIDERS OF BOTH SERVICES!!!!! (and I use the term services with some reluctance) I have done all the steps, now you just get it right, there is no more try.

I will be changing my provider (and I have been with you since the days of the p.m.g.)  if you can't get this, what should be a simple thing, done. Hell all of my other bills are emailed to me and they are not from telecommunication giants and it was a very simple thing for all of my other billers to set this up.

A service industry used to exist to supply a service to it's CUSTOMERS now there is no service of any quality as the main criteria seems to be making profits to boost the dividends of the shareholders.. next time I might tell you what I really think




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Re: Extreme Incompetence

Hi tone-56,


I am very sorry to read about your recent experience. This forum is not really the best place to get a resolution for account specific enquiries as most members are either customers like yourself or staff on their own time (who don't have account access to assist). However, I can appreciate that your experience with our service channels has led you to us here.


If you send me a private message with your account number and the email you wish it to be sent to I will investigate this for you. I am confident that I can get to the bottom of this for you.

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Re: Extreme Incompetence

Telstra have no interest in helping their customers. They simply want you to keep sending them money, as much as they think you will allow. They employ ppl in other countries with very different morality standards and logic to do their work for half the price it would cost them to employ Australians. As hard as these people may try, they are most often incapable of understanding your issues, and will simply leave you hanging on the line while they 'get a superviser' and never return to your call, and as you don't have the specific contact details of the operator you have been speaking with, you have to start  again with a new operator who will do the same again and so on and on it goes till you finally give up, and they win!!!

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