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Extremely Poor Experience Telstra mobile

I'm basically just venting here in the vain hope anybody cares. I signed up to a new plan on Sunday in a Telstra store. I explained I had an existing service that would need to port over. The experience was pretty smooth and I walked out of the store with a new handset and an expectation that the service would be active shortly and the number ported in a matter of hours. 


About an hour later i got an email saying the service had been suspended pending presentation of more forms of ID for the control group. Nothing was mentioned in the shop about ID. I was told I needed to present to a store with all the required ID. At that point I was annoyed but no massive drama. It didn't appear that the port would happen so I wasn't concerned if it took a few days to get the service running.


Well Monday rolls around and bam Telstra ports the working phone over to the new service that has been deactivated, so guess what, I have no phone now at all. I attended the store and presented the ID which has been sent to the control group for processing. It is now 24 hours later with no phone service at all, I've been told it could be another 24 until it is working.


I have tried ordinary Telstra support chat and called the control group and everyone just palms me off saying there is nothing that can be done but wait. Remember I now have no working phone at all and there is seemingly nothing I can do about it.


I've done nothing wrong or out of the ordinary, this mess is entirely down to the poor practices of Telstra. I am being treated as guilty before proving innocent. I don't understand why the service is suspended before even becoming active I was never informed this might happen.


I was ininitialy hesitant about going back to Telstra due to past poor experiences and a very bad reputation amongst the public. Telstra you have now confirmed what i feared and I now regret sending any of my money in your direction.

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Re: Extremely Poor Experience Telstra mobile

@grrrrrrrrrrrrrr it would suck not having a working phone.


little confused on your porting thing?

are you porting from Telstra service to Telstra service?


as for your ID issue:


maybe you have a similar name to someone else and they need to re-verify the facts.

maybe a similar name to yours was flagged in a Fraud Watch.

maybe your name was flagged in a credit search (if you were porting from another provider) 

Telstra customer 15+ yrs, I am not a Telstra employee and never have been

Kudos and thanks welcomed

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Re: Extremely Poor Experience Telstra mobile

Thanks for your input, I'm sure something weird has been flagged, I've never had any bad credit issues though so I can't see that being a problem.


I just don't understand why they have to cut the service off straight away, why can't they leave it on while they investigate, I mean if I was dodgy i've already walked out of the store with a $1200 handset with nothing other than a drivers license shown, they don't even take a credit card swipe, who gives a rats about a couple of calls I could make right now.


The number has been ported over from TPG.

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