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Fraudulent Account - ID Theft



I'm hoping for some guidance for a seriously troubling issue. I attempted to open a loan account with a big 4 bank this week and received an immediate rejection due to a payment default on my credit report. I requested a copy of my credit report from Equifax, as previously I've maintained a perfect credit rating with no payments falling outside of a 30 day period on any account.


A payment default dated 6th December 2018 through 'Panthera Finance' showed up, so I called them and they informed me that I'd defaulted on my Telstra account. After requesting that they call Telstra to confirm, as I've had a Telstra account for over 5 years, they informed me that the account was opened in May 2017 over the phone and no bills had ever been paid. The account was opened using my apartment building address (owner occupied), without a unit number. How is it possible that an account was opened against an apartment building without a number? How can someone open an account in my name without photo ID? I now have a bad credit rating and this default won't be erased until 2024 - meaning I won't be able to refinance my mortgage or purchase a property with my partner until then. I'd also like to note that I already have an account with Telstra under this address, so I can't believe that no account matching was completed or no effort was made to contact me on the mobile I already have with them.


I'm seeking guidance on how to proceed, without having to call a general number and speak to people that won't be able to resolve my issue. I say this from past experiences dealing with Telstra support...


Thank you,


Maarten Bell

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Fraudulent Account - ID Theft

It won't be a quick process, but your starting point would be to lodge a formal complaint via https://telstra.com/complaints
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