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Full Itemised Bill



I am sure a similar question is asked frequently, however the new website design is absolutely horrific and the answers are no longer valid after the website update.


I am trying to download a full Itemised Bill (that is a Bill for my mobile that Includes the telephone numbers called, duration, time of call and cost) for January 2021 - 4 months ago at the time of writing. 


Telstra Help "chat" team have been unable to provide a copy of this "Detailed" Bill. On their advice I have made a seperate request to Telstra outside of this, asking for the cellphone tower details, numbers dialled, etc. using an online Form, as recommended by Telstra Help team - though this seems completely unnecessary when a copy of the bill will suffice. I have not recieved this yet from Telstra. 


I need to provide this information to the Police. 





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Re: Full Itemised Bill

The My Account information which you can download from the Payments page - View previous bills is only a copy of what you normally get as per the settings on Bill Settings section of the same page. The Bill Settings allow you to choose a Summary or Itemised version as you need. However that won't change any of the bills you have already received.


I would think also, that the itemised version of the bill might not suit your needs either. So as you have already lodged a requested for a fully detailed version of usage, you might have to wait for that - or use any reference you have to that request, to follow it up.

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Re: Full Itemised Bill

If you have a plan that includes unlimited calls and SMS, then a detailed bill will not show the calls (as they are not billable). The data that you requested via the form is the best way to get the information. It should only take 5 business days to receive the quote. You then need to accept and pay for it and then it can take 6 weeks to receive the actual data.


You can download a CSV file of your usage (but the Police may not accept it as it can be easily altered).

Log in to My Telstra via the telstra.com.au website.

Click on View Bill

Click on View Payment History

Hover over View Bills and select View Current Bill

On the right Hand side, select the month that you want, then click on Full itemised usage - CSV


This will get you a list of all the Calls and SMS that you have made as well as the General location, the Date and Time.

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