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Get the bill right

For the past four months I have had to do battle with Telstra over my monthly account.  If ever there is a reason to want to move my account this surely hasd to be it.

Every month they wish to add a bill for a phone service for a phone at our previous address in another state which was disconnected around six months ago.

And no I do not want to spend another few hours on a telstra 1300 number explaining this yet again. Of course the first time they overcharged us $620 or thereabouts...this month it is a mere $35.95...but Telstra "getting the bill right" is a fundamental service.

And another thing... trying to reply to the suggested telstra.com/contact  address would be useful except that the link does not appear to work...not a good look for a company that is supposed to be all about being able to connect.


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Re: Get the bill right

Does Telstra ever reply to these comments? I am a brand new customer & my first bill looks like its wrong but who to talk to. I too am fed up with the 1300 number - have spent countless hours doing this trying to get things set up in the first place. The issue is 'where to go next'?


Support Team
Support Team

Re: Get the bill right

Hi Smars, as an alternative to the 13 22 00 contact number we also have teams available 24x7 via our online chat service at http://goo.gl/11oUE who can investigate and assist with any account issues. (For privacy reasons we can't request account details or other personal information via these forums).

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