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Get the Bills right

Why do you send a reminder notice that my bill is overdue when it has been paid weeks ago, and somewhere in the detail you do acknowledge the bill has been paid.  This is sloppy and confusing.  I am acting on behalf of my mother because she does not understand your bills.

I agree with her.   Can you please not send an electronic reminder payment for bills since paid.

Please note the bill was paid two weeks before the reminder,  not two days.


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Re: Get the Bills right

Crowd Support is not a customer service channel for Telstra.

No one here has account access.

Contact Telstra customer service via Live Chat or phone.


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Re: Get the Bills right

Thanks Professor.  The whole experience is a shambles.  Will try speaking to an unempowered phone jockey but this was the pathway Telstra suggested.  But thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  The exit door is also appealing.

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