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Gettin a credit from bpay

How do I get a credit payed back which was payed with bpay

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Re: Gettin a credit from bpay

With difficulty.


If it was an overpayment, approach your financial institution and ask them to reverse the transaction (they will laugh at you, but they will do it).


It it's because you've closed your account and there is a positive balance, you will need to contact Telstra on 132200 or by sending a message using My Telstra (app or website - Get Help screen - blue chat icon). They will probably have an issue getting you your credit as they don't use BPay in their new system.

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Level 22: Superhuman

Re: Gettin a credit from bpay

Telstra will have to verify the overpayment/credit and will probably send you a check..  the billing system doesn't have too many options for returning credit amounts to customers..

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