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Getting an Account Credit Refunded


I have recently moved to NZ and this month have had my Mobile Broadband account disconnected. This left me with a small credit on my account.

I made an enquiry in how I can get this back via messaging through the App, but was told a cheque is being sent to me. Due to me not living at that address anymore I asked if this cheque could be cancelled and if the credit could be put directly into my Australian bank account. I was told Telstra can only refund me through cheque, as they can't take my bank details. Telstra already have my bank details as I have been paying this account via direct debit for years.

It's being going around in circles for a day. Frustrating as when I try to call the overseas line. I get a text message redirecting to Chat and the App, so I can't speak to anyone.

Is there anyone else that has experienced this and can offer a suggestion in how I can get this resolved? It's only a small amount of money, but it's not the principle. Plus the frustrating customer service has annoyed me.



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Re: Getting an Account Credit Refunded

I can answer my own question now.

If you move overseas and need a credit refunded directly to your bank account - you need to speak to them directly on your Australian phone number. Fortunately mine is still active.

I messaged through the My Telstra App and customer service have organised for someone to call me back on my Australian mobile within 48 hours to organise a direct transfer to my bank account.



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